About Me

Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom
From the age of 9 i started to windsurf on a foam Naish board and 2.7 little ripper. My parents were a big influence on my windsurfing because they have been windsurfing a long time and help me get into it. In 2002 my family discovered Bonaire,and following a few trips i started to get a real passion for windsurfing. After seeing the locals they inspired me to freestyle which grew on me. Before i got into freestyle i was doing T15 races for Calshot Flyers. My first competition was at Animal Windfest 2010 which gave me a sense for competition. The following year,2011, i competed in the ukwa tour and came 2nd place under 17's. This year i hope to get a title in the under 20's. My hopes are to carry on training my windsurfing and to eventually compete in the Pwa tour.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Just a quick update. The wind is now here on bonaire so i can finally get some training in! yesterday was a sick session 5.2, here is a clip from it: http://mpora.com/videos/AAdcsci7rlq4

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Just got back from the final event of the UKWA tour! We waited for a long time Saturday for the wind and it finally came.We managed to run a single elimination and 2 rounds of a single heat. I came 2nd at this event and which meant i got my first title as 2012 UK youth champion! super stoked.. During half term i am going to the south of France for my first efpt event with Adam Sims and straight after that is the first efpt stop in England at Weymouth. Big thanks to my sponsors Mystic,Simmer and Starboard for supporting me this season!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bonaire Video

New video from my summer trip to Bonaire, I was there training for one month and got alot done take a look! http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9jscdeguf